doggie@the pianoartwork by George Gendi
We are a team of friendly highly qualified and experienced  performing and teaching
musicians offering a range of courses, lessons and music-making opportunities  for children
and adults of all ages, beginners to advanced, in an  modern studio equipped with a quality
Kawai grand piano in Gants Hill.

The Music Studio is within easy access of Ilford, Wanstead, Woodford, Buckhurst Hill,
Loughton, Chigwell, Seven Kings. It is in the London Borough of  Redbridge,  on the
London/ Essex border. We are now expanding beyond the walls of the studio to hold some
sessions at the Modern College of Music & Drama in Walthamstow. Our pupils' concerts
have taken us to St. Mary's Parish Church in Woodford and The Methodist Church in

Working as members of one team allows us to combine our various performing commitments
with our respective teaching schedules. This means that in cases of necessary absences
when on tour or performing in and around London  we cooperate and cover for each other.
Having teachers with performing careers is inspiring for the students. Also they benefit from
the occasional change as they gain from the experience and versatility of various members
of staff. We always aim at maintaining good communication to ensure that the occasional
change is a positive experience for all.

The annual concerts extremely rewarding for pupils, parents and teachers alike as the
performers have a platform in a good hall with a good piano. This opportunity  is inspiring
and encourages them to stretch their potential. It is a source of pride for the youngsters and
their parents. We the teachers take the concert preparations as seriously as the exams. We
consider it very important in building the young musicians' musical and social skills as well
as their confidence and self-esteem. We are always grateful to parents and grandparents
who give their time and support to ensure these events are a success.
The Music